Get patients started following the initial titration instructions 
in the PONVORY® 14-Day Starter Pack

In all patients, a dose titration is recommended for initiation of treatment with PONVORY® to help reduce cardiac effects1

14-day titration and daily dose information

Maintenance dosing

After dose titration is complete, the recommended maintenance dosage of PONVORY® is one 20 mg tablet taken orally once daily starting on Day 15.1

Tablet with the number 20

20 mg tablet taken once daily

Tablet shown is not actual size.

  • PONVORY® can be taken with or without food1

PONVORY®14-Day Starter Pack

PONVORY® 14-Day Starter Pack

Adjustments for a missed dose1

Interruption during treatment, especially during titration, is not recommended. However, if:

Less than 4 icon

consecutive doses are missed

  • During titration: resume treatment with the first missed dose and resume the titration schedule at that dose and titration day1
  • During maintenance: resume treatment with the maintenance dosage1

Greater than or equal to 4 icon

consecutive doses are missed

  • During titration or maintenance: reinitiate with Day 1 of the titration regimen with a new 14-Day Starter Pack and complete first dose monitoring in patients for whom it is recommended1*
  • Instruct your patients to contact a healthcare professional if 4 or more consecutive doses of PONVORY® are missed1

*First dose, 4-hour monitoring is recommended for patients with sinus bradycardia, first- or second-degree atrioventricular block (Mobitz type I), or a history of myocardial infarction or heart failure occurring >6 months prior to treatment initiation and in stable condition.1

For more information on dosing and administration, please refer to the PONVORY® full Prescribing Information.