PONVORY® elimination: one of the fastest among DMTs1-15

~1-week elimination may help patients plan for circumstances like pregnancy1

Person holding child in their arms

Remains in
the blood
for up to
7 days1

Family planning considerations

  • The elimination half-life after oral administration of PONVORY® is approximately 33 hours1
  • For patients considering pregnancy,* PONVORY® leaves the body naturally in ~1 week1
  • Before initiation of PONVORY® treatment, advise women of childbearing potential of the need for effective contraception during treatment with PONVORY® and for 1 week after stopping PONVORY®1
  • Since it takes approximately 1 week to eliminate PONVORY® from the body after stopping treatment, the potential risk to the fetus may persist, and women should use effective contraception during this period1
  • There are no adequate and well-controlled studies of PONVORY® in pregnant women1

DMT = disease-modifying therapy; MS = multiple sclerosis.

*PONVORY® must be stopped in cases of pregnancy. Advise a female patient to immediately inform you if she is pregnant or planning to become pregnant.1

No elimination procedure required.1