PONVORY™ complements today's evolving healthcare needs1-5

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Onboarding steps made convenient1:

No genetic testing

No genetic

No known food restrictions

No known food

Flexible patient management1:

~7-day reversibility of lymphocyte count reduction, as seen in a PK-PD assessment

~7-day reversibility
of lymphocyte
count reduction,
as seen in
PK-PD assessments

See more information about
the reversibility of PONVORY™.

Before initiation of treatment with PONVORY™, assess the following based on individual patient needs: complete blood count, cardiac evaluation, liver function tests, ophthalmic evaluation, current or prior medications with immune system effects, and vaccinations.1

PD = pharmacodynamic; PK = pharmacokinetic.

See the pretests and assessments required before initiating PONVORY™ >

For select patients, first-dose monitoring is recommended1

Because initiation of PONVORY™ treatment results in a decrease in heart rate (HR), first-dose, 4-hour monitoring is recommended for patients with1:

  • Sinus bradycardia (HR <55 beats per minute [bpm])
  • First- or second-degree atrioventricular (AV) block (Mobitz type I)
  • History of myocardial infarction or heart failure occurring >6 months prior to treatment initiation and in stable condition

For select patients who require first-dose monitoring1:

 ADMINISTER the first-dose

ADMINISTER the first dose of PONVORY™ in a setting where resources to appropriately manage symptomatic bradycardia are available

 MONITOR patients for 4 hours

MONITOR patients for 4 hours after the first dose for signs and symptoms of bradycardia with a minimum of hourly pulse and blood pressure measurements


OBTAIN an ECG in these patients prior to dosing and at the end of the 4-hour observation period

For more detailed information about first-dose monitoring,
please see Section 2.3 in the PONVORY™ full Prescribing Information.

Before initiation of treatment with PONVORY™, assess the following1:

See Section 2.2 of the PONVORY™ full Prescribing Information for common pretests required for all patients

AV = atrioventricular; CBC = complete blood count; ECG = electrocardiogram; MS = multiple sclerosis; VZV = varicella-zoster virus.