a highly selective S1P1 receptor modulator1-3

The exact mechanism by which PONVORY® exerts therapeutic effects is unknown but may involve the reduction of lymphocyte migration into the CNS.1

PONVORY® mechanism of action visual of S1P receptor selectivity

PONVORY® binds with high affinity to S1P1 receptors.1

PONVORY® mechanism of action visual of lymphocytes in the periphery and CNS

Lymphocytes can invade the CNS as part of an inappropriate immune response, causing inflammation and damage in MS.4,5

PONVORY® blocks the capacity of lymphocytes to egress from lymph nodes, 
reducing the number of lymphocytes in peripheral blood.1

PONVORY® mechanism of action visual of the blood-brain barrier

Animal studies show that PONVORY® readily crosses the blood-brain barrier.1

There are multiple types of cells in the CNS that can express S1P1.
These include microglia, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and neurons.6

CNS = central nervous system; MS = multiple sclerosis; S1P1 = sphingosine-1-phosphate 1.