Educational resources for you

Summary Flash Card

PONVORY®Summary Flash Card

A brief guide to the key characteristics, benefits, and safety of PONVORY®.

PONVORY®Dosing Flash Card

An educational resource focused on dosing and getting patients started on PONVORY®.

Janssen CarePath2-Step Brochure

A brochure that reviews the 2 simple steps to get a patient started on treatment with Janssen CarePath and support programs available for patients throughout their treatment journey with PONVORY®.

Janssen CarePathIn-Home Pretest Program Guide

A guide that provides details on in-home pretest support for commercially insured patients.

Resources to help your patients

Patient Brouchure

PONVORY®Patient Brochure

A brochure that helps your patients learn about the key features, benefits, and safety of PONVORY®.

Patient Support Brochure

Patient SupportBrochure

A brochure containing information about education and access support for PONVORY® available through Janssen CarePath.

3 Steps to YourFirst Dose

A guide to help educate patients on the steps to get started with PONVORY®, including completing pretests that may be required prior to starting treatment.